Staff Information

Angie Toccket

Ms. Toccket started her career at the Central PA School of Massage. She is a 1999 graduate in the 1080-hour program.

Her interest in massage therapy began in high school as she gave massages to one of her friends who was the catcher for the baseball team.

Ms. Toccket never had a professional massage before she went to school, but she learned a great deal about massage before she attended. She purchased her first massage book in 1997 and prompted her to apply to massage school after she graduated Penn State in 1998. Her degree is in journalism.

Angie found out she was pregnant one month before she started massage school and had doubts about attending. The school assured her everything would be fine as they currently had two other pregnant students due around the same time. Ten months and 1080 hours later in July 1999, Angie was one of three out of 11 students in her class to graduate on time. Due to the relaxation benefits of the massage she received in school, Ms. Toccket specializes in pregnancy massage.

Ms. Toccket was issued her PA massage license in March 2011, a few months after the state made it law for massage therapists to be licensed.

Angie attended the Berkowits School in January 2012 to become a laser hair removal technician. Laser hair removal was added to AIH's menu winter of 2012.

As all services offered, Ms. Toccket strives to keep the price affordable for everyone. Laser hair removal is an expensive service, however, Angie found a way to keep it comparable to monthly waxing.