Recycling Program

Angie is also a Mary Kay consultant and is looking for the following containers and bags:

-TimeWise Cleansing bar
-Oil Free Hydrating Gel
-Limited edition body butter

The plastic rectangle containers and the lids from Irving's or Hunan Wok. She must have both parts, not one or the other.


-Satin Hands
-Miracle set

You will receive $0.50 off any product order or service for each item. Please put a note with your containers if they are dropped off so Angie can credit you properly.

Angie does not have to be your MK consultant for you to participate with the MK containers. She will gladly credit you for services.

Do not write on the containers.

Please make sure they are clean when you return them.

You may return them to the office or when she delivers product to you. Deposit in mail slot.