We have various lodging options available for 2-17 people. Please request more information via email or phone. Include how many people and the dates you are looking for accommodations.

Please request rates by calling or emailing us so we can accurately quote you for your visit.

All of our services and addons are available here.


Cancelling your reservation

The following rates will be charged when cancelling for special events. Special events include, but are not limited to, football and graduation weekends, Dance Marathon and Arts Festival.

2 weeks prior-no charge 3-14 days 1/2 of reservation price Under 2 days- full reservation price

$100 will be charged for excessive clean up

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside. You may smoke anywhere outside the house . Please use ashtrays.

We will run your credit card on Monday two weeks prior to your stay for half of the rate. We will run your credit card for the other half the Monday before your stay.